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Geometry Part 2

We will be having a quiz on Friday, January 8.  It will include knowing the definitions of special quadrilaterals, the properties of parallelograms and triangle  congruence.  Attached are the papers we have been working with so far.  Tonight’s assignment is to complete the back of the page titled 5.1: Properties of Parallelograms.

1 conditional quads – triangle congruence HW

1 Exit Ticket venn quads

1 quadrilateral definitions and triangle congruence rev

1 preTest quad properties

3 Draw a diagonal and investigate

4 5.1 Properties of Parallelograms

1 DN 1.7.16

Geometry 11-4-15

We are working on triangle properties this week.  Properties to focus on include:

  • Sum of the angles of a triangle = 180 degrees
  • Sum of 2 sides of a triangle is greater than the third side (and how to find the range of possible sides given 2 sides of a triangle.)
  • The longest side is opposite the largest angle
  • Angles that form a line add to 180 degrees.

Tonight’s work:9 to 17 sum of angles

Geometry 10-8-15

We are getting ready for our midterm test next week. I am modifying the assignment for tonight.  You do NOT have to do any problems on the back of the last page (we were going to do the multiples of 3 on this page).  You may also skip question 23.

reviewworksheet2-1 (3)

The main topics for the midterm are :

  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Logic- conditional statements, Venn diagrams , converse, Law of Detachment, Law of Syllogism.
  • Basic Algebra Skills
  • Angle Relations – linear pairs, vertical angles, complementary and supplementary angles, angle addition
  • Coordinate Geometry – distance between points, midpoints, slope of parallel and perpendicular lines.
  • Transversal lines and their angles
  • Formulas involving 3-D figures (you will have the formula sheet)

Past Algebra Assignments

The following attachments represent most of the assignments we have had up to Sept 17, 2015 in period 3.  Late/missing work from this group will be accepted through Oct 2, 2015


9.9 One Step Equations Math-Aids

9.10 Lesson 5.0

9.10 Study Guide

9.14 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials_

9.15 distributive property in equations worksheet

9.17 Lesson 5.2 9.18

Do Nows 09-14-18_15

9-3 HW Adding Polynomials

Calculator scavenger hunt rough

Do Now 08.24 to 28

Kuta software variables and verbal expressions

mixed integer review


skills practice 2-1

syllabus alg part 1 2015 b

Week 1, 2015

We have finished our first week !  This week we reviewed solving equations from algebra and area and perimeter from middle school.  Most importantly, we began our Vocabulary Builder.  Throughout the year we will be adding to the blue vocabulary sheets.  These, along with Frayer diagrams and Theorem Builders, will make up a large portion of our notes for the year.   I have posted a condensed version of the Vocabulary Builders on this site in the Geometry folder.  I will continue to add to this as the year progresses.  It is different from your pages in that I only skipped one or two lines between letter-groups.  We also took our first quiz on Friday.  Students were allowed to use their vocabulary sheets on this quiz.

SOL Review for Credit

All of my students can submit a 20 question quiz from  jlab to replace a missing homework.  We discussed the “correctness” level required in class.  Up to 5 quizzes can be submitted.    After completing the quiz, record the tracking number in the event the e-mail gets lost.  My email is kdileo@ccps.us

If you miss a question, make a note about the problem.  You can ask about it in class, or visit sites like  Khan Academy ,  PurpleMath  or other sites posted in Resources at the top of the blog page.  Some problems have a detailed explanation where the correctness of each answer is posted.

If the above link doesn’t work, use:


benchmark topics

  • Logic
  • Distance, Midpoint Slope (parallel and Perpendicular)
  • Rotations and Reflections
  • Parallel Lines and Transversals
  • Congruent Triangles
  • Similar Triangles
  • Triangle Inequalities (does it exist?, range of side, order)
  • Trig and Inverse Trig
  • Pythagorean Th’m
  • Polygons – names and angles
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Using formulas
  • Constructions

Triangle Book Key and Blank

triangle book project     

Classifications One Triangle.tif[1]

Attached are the key and the student blank version of the triangle book project.  This is a test grade and is due on Monday, April 13.  We have been filling this out piece by piece since March 16.  There are a couple of entries we did not get to in class, but all are review in nature.  The entries we did not do as a class will not be counted against the grade for this assignment.


Geometry students received several assignments today. They have their usual homework, which today was a worksheet on on conguent triangles. They received an Extra Credit assignment. This is a review of topics we have already covered, but need to keep fresh on. This assignment is due by next Friday, March 6.Worksheet_4.2_Applying_triangle_congruence (1)pythagoras_distance ws Since it looks likely that we will not have school on Thursday, they have a small assignment (on the back of tonight’s work) dealing with finding distances. They also have a review of how to find distances using either the Pythagorean Theorem or the distance formula.

Algebra 1/15/15

Factoring polynomials is the topic of the day. This can be a challenging process for some students. We will focus on the grouping and the x-box methods. There are other methods to factor polynomials, including the Rainbow method.
Homework: Complete quiz review and the odds on Factoring #3 Grouping: PDF Factoring #3 by grouping

We will have a short quiz tomorrow and our first test is next Friday.

Algebra 1 and Geometry